Not that familiar with Hungary yet, or just can’t decide what to see? Or maybe you’re looking for something other than dusty old objects hidden behind glass and surrounded by a sea of text?

In the heart of Budapest, barely 100 meters from the Danube, stands your best option to explore the country and experience its rich heritage in an extremely entertaining way: the House of Hungarikum.

Come and see our live afternoon show in English, and enjoy laughing at the host’s expense. The more musically oriented should definitely stick around for our evening concerts, which showcase the best of Hungarian jazz, gypsy music, operettas and musicals. You can even take a piece of Hungary with you in the form of our Hungarikum Taste Box – a small selection of Hungary’s most famous foods and drinks.

Starting from August, 2017, you’ll be able to discover the most famous Hungarians, the greatest inventions that originated from here, and even some of the wonders of the countryside at our stunning exhibition, that brings you a combination of exciting design and a powerful Augmented Reality experience.

See you at the House of Hungarikum!