Not that familiar with Hungary yet, or just can’t decide what to see? Or maybe you’re looking for something other than dusty old objects hidden behind glass and surrounded by a sea of text?


Our stunning exhibition brings you a combination of exciting design with a  state of the art Augmented Reality experience. You can discover more about Hungary’s rich history of invention’s, the computer, or the hydrogen bomb to name just a few, you can even admire the stunning beauty of the countryside.



Hungarikum Podium is the home of characteristically Hungarian shows and concerts in the heart of Budapest, at Vörösmarty Square. Visit us in the afternoon for an hour full of laughter – our English language live comedy show will introduce you to the best and strangest parts of Hungarian heritage and customs. If you’re more interested in music, drop by in the evening, and you’ll be entertained by the best performers of typical Hungarian genres, like operettas, gypsy music, and a selection of musicals – as well as the stars of the local jazz scene.


The Great Hungarian Hungarikum Show

Getting to know the people of a different country is one of the best things to experience when travelling, yet so often we don’t have the time, or the local company to gather deeper knowledge. This time, you can get it all in just an hour at our afternoon English language live comedy show. In The Great Hungarian Hungarikum Show, you’ll be the guest of the Kovács family – a rather strange scientist dad, the history teacher mom, their daughter, and Csini, the puli. The show is a slightly self-ironic look at the Hungarian culture, customs and heritage.

Not only is this a great chance for a fun afternoon program, you might also discover some more Hungarian specialties you’d like to try or see. Located in the heart of Budapest, at Vörösmarty Square, the show is an ideal part of a sightseeing day, as an hour of rest and laughter. See you at the House of Hungarikum!