Hungarikum Podium is the home of characteristically Hungarian shows and concerts in the heart of Budapest, at Vörösmarty Square. Visit us in the afternoon for an hour full of laughter – our English language live comedy show will introduce you to the best and strangest parts of Hungarian heritage and customs. If you’re more interested in music, drop by in the evening, and you’ll be entertained by the best performers of typical Hungarian genres, like operettas, gypsy music, and a selection of musicals – as well as the stars of the local jazz scene. You can see the next dates under. Click to the title, check all the dates and choose your favourite time to see them!


Bálint Gájer

Bálint Gájer is the leading figure of Hungarian Swing’n Pop. Read moreread more

Erika Náray

Erika Náray, actress-singer is a frequent performer in the most prestigious concert venues of Hungary, and she’s the host of her own musical talk-show. In this lineup, she will present the crowd favorite songs of the past few years, and a selection from jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald – celebrating the 100th anniversary of her birth. Read moreread more

Gabi Szűcs

Gabi Szűcs – along with her pianist – is one of the best performers of traditional swing, the entertaining music of the 30s and 40s. Read moreread more


Gabriel Farkas is a unique figure in the hungarian music and show world. The combination of his acting, singing and entertaining skills are inimitable. From Cole Porter to Liza Minnelli: a selection of the finest Broadway songs with Gabriel and His Jazz Trio. Read moreread more

Géza Egyházi

Géza Egyházi earned a name for himself in Hungary with the leading role of the iconic musical, Dance of the Vampires. His charismatic voice solidified his place as a leading artist of the Hungarian musical theater scene. Read moreread more

Melodika Project

Three musicians, many instruments and different musical genres all together. What does Bach have to do with jazz, opera with reggae or Bartók with flamenco? You'll find out from Melodika Projects’ interactive show. And you also get to know what boomwhacker is. Read moreread more

The Jávor Pál National Gypsy Music Band

The Jávor Pál National Gypsy Music Band was created as a tribute to the legendary Hungarian movie star, Pál Jávor, and is dedicated to uphold the traditions of the country’s folk music heritage. Their dream is to help bring back the custom of love serenades, and the rather unique way of Hungarian merrymaking. Read moreread more