Clothes and furniture clothes with real Hungarian folk motives to you. Make your design and your home with Hungarian folk motives unique.

The two designers of Igéző grew up in a region, which is the intersection of three different areas with their distinct folk heritage. When Erika Bárczi and Zsuzsa Hargitay-Nagy started working as interior decorators 15 years ago, this rich exposure to traditional styles had great influence on their work. As they put it: “we started to smuggle back the treasures of folk art into the textiles, furniture and decoration of modern homes. This is what we strive to do when we design and make our clothes, while making sure that they’re also meeting the requirements of today’s fashion.”

The creators believe, that there is meaning in the clothes, colors, or patterns people decide to wear. Since this can also be a form of self-expression, they hope their work helps customers discover their truer self and grace.